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Jamila Pink Bonnet & Setting Scarf

Jamila Pink Bonnet & Setting Scarf

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Maintain a Perfect Hair Overnight with Jamila Satin Bonnet and Setting Scarf!

If you're fed up with waking up with frizzy and tangled hair, protect your hair while you sleep with the Jamila Pink Bonnet & Setting Scarf. Whether you're sleeping with a wig on or want to extend the life of your blowout, this bonnet and scarf combo will protect your hair from rubbing against your pillowcase, keeping your hair looking salon-fresh for days.

With its luxurious satin material, this bonnet and scarf combo offers unbeatable benefits that will leave you wondering how you ever slept without it. Unlike other hair accessories that can tug, pull, or damage hair, the Jamila Satin Bonnet and Setting Scarf gently protects your hair and prevents it from becoming frizzy or tangled, making it perfect for all hair types.

  • Extend the Life of Your Blowout
  • Wig protection while sleeping
  • Sleep with style
  • Wake up to perfect hair
  • Sleep with your wig on overnight
  • Luxurious satin material

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