Jamila has been in the beauty industry for eight years. Her career began in a small hairdressing salon in Adelaide where she worked for free gaining valuable experience. This heightened her interest in beauty and after completing her studies, Jamila began her journey in beauty working in a salon. Eight years on and Jamila moved her focus into hairdressing after travelling throughout the U.S.

Whilst she was on that trip, Jamila discovered there was a high demand for lace wigs and hairpieces. Further research led her to the conclusion that wigs and hairpieces were very poplar overseas but in Australia the industry was in its infancy.

On her return to Australia, Jamila became obsessed with the ability to change her hair colour every day if she wanted too, or even just once a week. She relished the chance to change the way her hair looked without damaging her real hair with harsh chemicals and other extension methods. Over the years she had found that tape extensions and micro beads ruined her natural hair and when she discovered lace wigs her passion for these products was ignited.

It wasn’t long before people started to notice Jamila, complimenting her on her hair only for Jamila to tell them it was a wig to which people were amazed. Those same people could not believe how good she looked and how the lace melted seamlessly into the skin and it piqued their interest in doing the same.

With demand building and Jamila realising she could turn her passion into a success story, she made the decision to open a business selling lace wigs and hair extensions.

Her first, of what is certain to be many hair boutiques , opened in April 2022 with clients enjoying a luxury experience surrounded by elegant interiors.

See what a difference lace wigs and extensions can do for you. Book your appointment with Jamila today.

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