Take care not to pull or stretch the hair. To wash: Fill a basin with lukewarm or cool water and add a capful of sulphate free shampoo.
Dunk the wig in the water and let it sit for a few minutes. Rinse: Swish the wig through the water to remove the shampoo. Apply a generous amount of conditioner. Let it sit for 10 mins then rinse with cold water. Leave to air dry.
Avoid the following:
• Hard water
• Chlorine
• Seawater
• Prolonged sun exposure
• Too much heat 
If you reduce your human hair wig’s exposure to these elements, you’ll be able to keep it wearable for a longer time. If taken care of correctly your wig can last up to 2 to 5 years depending on the colour of your hair.
When applying heat ensure you spray heat protectant and use a large toothe comb /brush to keep it tangle free.
Apply spritz sheen spray for a light weight shine and smoothing effect.
Hairspray or wax can be used to remove flyaways.
Sleep with a satin bonnet on and avoid  hot water, steam rooms and Gyms.
Avoid thick make up around the lace area….
A darker powder/bronzer can be used to blend around the area.
Clean your (lace hair line) with an alcohol swab or wig glue remover to remove buildup.
Never scratch your head as you can tear your lace, Just  gently pat the area to reduce  the need to scratch.
If you need any repairs or extra services we can always provide at an additional cost.
Each service we provide is catered to our client but usually a glue down Install can last up to 2 weeks.
A sew in can last about six weeks.
Please book online for your next services.